Mental health treatment for binge-drinking male

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Terri*, from Humboldt, Saskatchewan was looking for a program that would focus on, her Fiancé, Pete’s mental health. Terri described Pete as a binge drinker who would start drinking and not be able to stop, especially in the lows of his depressive episodes. Feeling that we knew an appropriate program that could help Pete, we emailed Mario and Marjorie of Life-Science in Rigaud, QC the following message: “Terri is looking for a program with more of a mental health focus. Pete has depression, which is what leads him to heavy drinking. He gets in a headspace that’s dark and alcohol seems to be his only way out. He is not a daily drinker, but he gets black out drunk when does drink. The family just redid the windows of their house so money is tighter than usual. However, Terri believes they can come up with $5,000. Terri’s other concern was that 30 days was a long time for him to be away from the family as they have kids and he is the primary financial supporter of the family.” Binge drinkers generally don’t have as big a problem or as hard a time stopping or remaining sober for a period of time. As a result, individuals like Pete often don’t find success in 12 step programs because of their particular drinking pattern. Addiction treatment experts suggest evidence-based treatment programs, which are far more effective because they focus on changing coping behaviours and strategies. For more information on binge-drinking and other functioning alcohol and drug using personalities: With our support, Terri helped Pete entered treatment within a week of contacting Life Science. Here is more information on Life Science’s program: Life Science Addiction Treatment Center 114 Rue Kimpton Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0 Phone: (450) 451-9995 Fax: (450) 451-9995 Website: E-Mail: Contact: Marjorie Clarke (Clinical Director) at 450.451.0799 An English speaking fee-for-service co-ed treatment program for adults 18+. There are 30, 60, 90 day primary treatment programs with a 10 day maintenance program. They charge $8,000 for 30 days (extensions up to 90 days can happen) and use evidence and best practices models. Life Science works with the client to design a treatment program that works best for him or her. They will help with implementing proper coping strategies in regards to stress. Treatment takes place in a home-like environment in a rural area of Quebec. If necessary you will be seen by a psychiatrist for mental health assessment and treatment, in addition to an addiction medicine...

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